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About the Sex Respect Education Program

Sex Respect®  The World's Leading Abstinence Program

by Coleen Mast is

  • a positive down-to-earth public school health program
  • designed to provide teens with information about themselves and their relationships
  • full of positive attitudes about sexuality from a secular health perspective
  • helpful for teens, teachers, and parents to logically defend the reasons to abstain from premarital sex

The Sex Respect® program teaches teens that saying “no” to premarital sex is their right, is in the best interest of society and is in the spirit of true sexual freedom.   Developed over the years of practical use with teens, the Sex Respect® workbook communicates with teens on their terms, involving the teens, their parents and their teachers in interactive exercises, discussions and creative writing.  

The curriculum defines what is human about 'human' sexuality, recognizes influences on sexual decision making, identifies emotional, psychological, and physical consequences of teenage sexual activity; discusses the history and purpose of dating as well as healthy dating guidelines; teaches how to say “no”; shows how to change former sexual behavior and explores the responsibilities of marriage and parenthood. It is being used at the seventh, eighth, ninth and tenth grade levels. 

The program includes three separate workbooks; one for students, one for teachers and one for parents.  Includes: 

  • A ‘whole person’ approach to human sexuality and abstinence 
  • Specifics on Character Development  Issues of ‘meaning and purpose’ for teens 
  • The latest on STDs and AIDS 
  • Step-by-step plan for Secondary Virginity 
  • Optimistic look at future marriage preparation and relationships  

The Teacher Manual  contains
  •        Clear educational objectives
  •        Detailed lesson plans  
  •        Home assignments  
  •        Tests, quizzes and review exercises  
  •        Easy to follow outline for busy teachers  
Teacher Training Seminars are available  

The Parent Guide 
  • Confirms parents’ rights and needs to protect and guide their child’s health         
  • Offers guidelines, encouragement and home assignments         
  • Enhances parent/teen communication about sexuality and parenting         
  • Enables parents to work with their teen’s school to give ongoing support to family values and health                        beyond presentation of the Sex Respect unit         
  • Provides parents with tools for helping their teens grow to adulthood with the maturity, confidence and                    self-control necessary to maintain physical, social and emotional health         
  • Includes a ‘basic facts’ talk for home use  

The Student Workbook 
  • Differentiates between sexual freedom and sexual impulsiveness 
  • Defines the many aspects of human sexuality 
  • Recognizes various influences on sexual decision making 
  • Discusses dating guidelines, how to say “no”; how to change former sexual behavior 
  • Explains how Sex Respect can provide freedom to learn about mature love 
  • Creative layout 
  • Age-appropriate information  
  • Provides realistic answers to students’ questions
  • Chapters include:  
Sex: What We Are and What a Difference!      
Who’s in Charge Here? Mind Over Matter    
Free Sex: Is It Or Isn’t It?  
Who’s Kidding Whom?    
Sex on Credit: Play Now, Pay Later.    
AIDS: A Risky Business for Everyone    
Yes to Love, No to Fear        
Dating: Is It Working for Us?            
Staying Cool—With Respect  
Hey Now, Get a New Start          
Marriage…To Love and to Cherish            
So Basically    

Teacher and Staff Training Seminars are available for your school.

To have Coleen give a presentation on Sex Respect and Abstinence topics for your school, group or church, please contact:  
Respect, Incorporated   (877) 673-7732  or email